Rapt in Cotton

I’m definitely rapt with this floaty version of BurdaStyle 09-2010-110, a sleeveless wrap blouse.

This was a ‘just-jump-in-and-see-what-happens’ creation. I like cross-over wrap styles better than button-down blouses.

The soft double-pleated collar falls nicely, thanks to the super-fine, super-soft black cotton used.

I was inspired by these lovely silk and silk/cotton versions. A soft fabric is definitely the go for this. There are also some gorgeous long-sleeve versions (09-2010-111).  I especially like the olive one, with the ‘bishop’ cuffs.

The original design has buttons attached at the side to close the wrap, but, as others have suggested,  a simple thin grosgrain ribbon worked better; didn’t weigh the front down.

I attached two sets of ribbons, one on the inside and one on the outside. Having worn this a lot, I now think I’ll create a small slit in the right side and pull the currently inside ribbons to the outside to tie. That will create a more defined waist.

The collar is integrated with the front pieces. To hold facings in place, I edge-stitched up one front edge , ’round the collar and down the other front edge. This adds a little extra body to the neckline. I  use my most favourite multi-use foot, a stitch-in-the-ditch foot *, with the needle moved left, to stitch just on the edge of the fabric running next to the ‘rudder’ on the foot. Love the accuracy I can get with that foot, for both edge and top stitching!

* I am not recommending this site, just showing you a picture of what my stitch-in-the-ditch foot looks like.

The sides were french seamed and the hem was edge-stitched, again to add a bit of body. I hand-sewed the facings to shoulder seam allowances – possibly not necessary –  but for a fine material like this, hand stitching impacts less on the fabric’s softness. I finished the sleeve edges, per the instructions, by turning twice and stitching a to create a thin hem.

I don’t normally wear white underneath this blouse! It’s just what “Dolly’ had on the day I took the pics!  I ramped up the exposure to show the edge-stitching.

Make this if you want something simple and elegant, that works great with skirts, pants, shorts and jeans!  My plan is to make another in fine white cotton.

More info at Pattern Review



  1. Wow! What a lovely blouse. I love the fabric, it looks like it it would be a nice cool garment to wear in the summer, but something that you could wear in the winter under a blazer. Have to go back and take a second look at this one in Burda.

  2. I love this top and have seen the blouse on a couple of sites. Know where I can find the pattern? Unable to locate at on the burda website.

    • Hi Kari,
      This pattern is from BurdaStyle Magazine, not the website.
      The number 09-2010-11 is ‘code’ for September 2010 issue, pattern number 110. I traced the pattern from the insert included in the magazine. If you search on Ebay, you can order back-copies of of the magazine – that’s how I got my copy.
      Sometimes BurdaStyle website provides printable versions of patterns from the magazine but I haven’t seen this one…perhaps you could ask via the website if they have a printable version??
      Good luck!

  3. This top is so stylish, really love the colour, if you haven’t lightened it to show the details. So far I have liked everything on your blog, plus other things you have made of course. I wish we could sew as quickly as we add things to our list. I used to try to keep a list but gave up. Now I just print the pics of what I like, either in sewing mags or the pattern, and keep them in a book so I don’t forget where they are from. And I’m really enjoying the blog.

  4. My method of pinning pics is much the same as Pinterest, except on paper and only visible to me. I spend too much time on the internet now. I can’t see me having a blog for a while. It took me a while to post my first review, so who knows, I have given up saying never. I can see it as a good form of a diary/photo album of sewing, maybe travelling. Meanwhile I will enjoy the ones I follow.

  5. Holy Moly!!! YOU are incredible, I love your bird skirt, your minoru jacket ( I just ordered that pattern earlier today) and your wrap blouse is gorgeous! Great inspirational blog!

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