How Now Black+White Cow?

Art Attack’s blog post today about her gorgeous shawl-collar spa robe inspired me to write this post!

The second item of clothing I made upon returning to  clothes sewing was a dressing gown from Sew Hip Magazine  (Issue 20 – Oct 2010). My DD purchased this magazine for me, to go with the new sewing machine I got for my birthday that year.  It was a great birthday!

Sew Hip Magazine was a good way to gently regain my ‘sewing feet’… not too challenging but not too basic. Unfortunately, despite receiving a year’s subscription, the Oct 2010 edition was the only one that I really made major use of…it’s a bit more crafty than I am into…but you never, know…I enjoy flicking through them from time to time.

When I saw Sewing Daisies’ fabulous version of the Sew Hip Dressing Gown I knew I had to make one (or more)! Love her taste in fabrics!

DD was the recipient of my first version of this dressing gown:

She chose this fabulous colour scheme and still  wears it to death….(unfortunately this is the only maternal sewing offering that’s passed muster…sigh)

In the blush of ‘success’ I whipped up a couple for Christmas presents.

This tulip version was for my MIL…I intended to make one for myself in this fabric…however…I had also made a ‘masculine’ version for my dear FIL in black and white cow  print quilting cotton (an homage to his dairy farming days)…unfortunately, we misjudged his size…and long story short, it came home with us after Christmas.

It hung back of my ‘sewing room’ /office/guest room door for a year… until I just decided it fit me…and I was going to wear it….!

It’s a lovely solid quilting cotton. And b+w is a failproof favourite for me! Although I’m a  cat person, the cows are kind of quirky and fun. It’s comfy and well designed to provide good ‘coverage’ for a wrap style robe.

I was on such a roll, I also made gowns for my Aunts…
Cherries ‘n Cream
Cornflowers ‘n Cream

Technical Snippets
This is a very simple dressing gown with comfy kimono sleeves…attaching the collar band nicely took me a while …eventually I used french seams on all seams except facing and hem…I am now very well versed in how to sew french seams! (and  I learned that I have more patience than I expected when it comes to ‘finishing’ insides as nicely as possible). I shortened the sleeve length, to avoid dragging sleeves through tea and toast! If I make another one, I’ll include pockets!

Now I’m going to don my Black & White Cow Gown, pour a glass of dry white and enjoy catching up on my favourite blogs!




  1. what’s black and white and black and white all over? LOVE this! So sophisticated and yet so quirky! Loved reading your post!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Fab and actually I’m glad the one for your FIL was more your size because I wonder if you would’ve got around to sewing one for yourself? Now I do need a dressing gown and this has kinda started to spur me on – it is, after all, autumn at my place…..

    Fab fabrics and colours too BTW.

    • Thanks Calico….and you’re right…I have yet to make a tulip version for myself….though, I did make my first skirt in it….unfortunately it’s a bit of an orphan in my wardrobe….nothing looks quite right with it and I’m not really a pink person….except for dressing gowns. ;-P

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