Renfrew Do’s


My first take on Sewaholic’s Renfrew top was cobbled together from the last remants of some gorgeous grey stable knit (for body) and slinky paisley ITY knit (for sleeves/cowl). This looks like a vest over a lighter top.


My second go (immediately after the first, cos it’s a very satisfying make!) used up a stripey cotton/poly/who-knows-what-it-is b+w remnant that my DD purchased at Marrickville’s Reverse Garbage years ago for a school project. The only other use that I am aware of was an outfit DD made for our (then) kitten:

I used some black jersey knit for the sleeves and another stripey cotton jersey from Remnant Warehouse for the cowl.

Initially, I liked the stripey one more than the paisley, but I’ve flipped back….the paisley is now my favourite.

It’s a great pattern. It’s easy. It fits well.

Go for it!

For more sewing nitty-gritty see my Pattern Review


    • Hi SewingElle! Mixing fabrics worked better than I expected! It’s a very easy pattern, very comfortable. As for the kitty couture…we have some very patient, long-suffering but supremely stylish cats…

  1. I hope this doesn’t mean puss’s modelling career just ended, huh? I am glad to see you are no longer camera shy, and why would you be, that striped top is fabulous.

    • Never fear, Miss Mittens (her modelling name is pronounced ‘mih-tonz’, si vous plait) will no doubt grace these pages frequently. She’s always photogenic!

  2. Both or these are fabulous, but I’m with you, the paisley is my favorite. The idea to mix fabrics was ingenious! Did you do these on a serger, or with a regular machine with an overlock stitch? I have been waiting on the Renfrew pattern to arrive for a while, but I do not own a serger. Any tips?

    • Hi Becky, thanks! I sewed both on a sewing machine, using a walking foot to avoid stretching the fabric. You might be able to adjust your tension(lower) to use a normal foot, if you don’t have a walking foot. Also, while I have a stretch stitch on my machine, i found the normal straight stitch worked fine…no breaking. I do have a serger but I’m still not good on control…so prefer to sew on my machine. It certainly is possible to sew this pattern completely on a serger. I really like the banded hems in the body and sleeves. A very neat finish. I could serge my internal seams to ‘finish’ them but I just trim the seam allowances to 1/4inch….knit fabrics don’t fray…and I prefer less thread bulk in my garments. Finally, it helps enormously to use a needle for stretch fabric. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the encouragement! I will try all your suggestions. I want to avoid buying a serger as long as possible. I fear the control issues as well.

  3. Both are great but you’re right the paisley is fab.

    BTW I am amazed the kitten didn’t go nuts when you were trying to put the top on it not to mention once it was on. Or are you just not mentioning the GBH done to whichever human was silly/brave enough to do the feline dressing?

    • Thanks Calico – I’m wearing the Paisley today! Rest assured, no animals or humans were harmed in dressing up the kitten. She’s the most docile sweety cat we’ve ever known…loves all manner of attention – even if it means being dressed up by humans who are similtaneously falling about laughing…

  4. I absolutely love your two Renfrews. I never thought to mix the fabrics like that – but it looks great. My imagination is not up to scratch! I need to copy people like you, so I’ll be following you from now on!!!! Be warned!

    • Thank you OzViking! Your imagination is just fine! The beauty of the sewing blogger world is that with each post we give each other a little extra imagination to work with!

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  6. Ok, also had to add this link to my blogpost. Hope that’s okay. It was just too cute and fitting, so now folks can see it in the post and come on by if they choose. 🙂

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