The Parka Carked It

I present this as a cautionary tale.

“A perfect spring jacket!” I thought, when I spied Parka #129 in BurdaStyle’s Sept 2012 issue.

Looked great on the page.

And I learned from my Minoru jacket, that gathered waist jackets can look OK on me.

Yes, well…not always….

I suspected this was a tad I went down a size (40)…it’s still HUGE! Everything about it is HUGE…the pockets, the hood, the sleeves, the body… I think you need to be at least 6ftย tall and no more than 115lbs to carry this off…(mind you, it might carry you off, if a gust of wind catches that hood!)

There must be some serious styling going on in that magazine picture…I suspect the model is wearing a 36, with the belt pulled as tightly as possible, and it’s double wrapped around her body!

Ah, well, I got some good practice with thread tracing, flat-felled seams, edge-stitching, top stitching and deciphering BurdaStyle instructions.

Note to Self: Stick with more stream-lined spring coats…they’ve always suited you best…


    • Fancy dress…of course…I could go as a ‘Vogue-ish Mad Scientist’…sporting the lastest in fashionable lab-coats…complete with face-covering hood for added protection against unexpected chemical explosions…and pockets to carry the entire lab…you know how important it is to be able to work from anywhere these days!

  1. Ahhh. What was Burda thinking?
    It’s definitely lab coat material. Love your look better than Burda’s.
    And that cute pink coat is adorable or was that just that you being adorable in it.
    It’s very cute. Great shoes too.

    • Yes, really, what was Burda thinking???? I think I’ll send an email to CSIRO and let them know about this pattern. As for the pink coat…you know the old adage, ‘clothes maketh the kid’…I need to check, but I think my mother made that coat. She definitely made me a pair of shorts in the same colour, so I suspect they were the same fabric…And the shoes…Saddle shoes were de rigour in Grade 2 that year!

  2. Holy crap that is huge! I suspect in the photo there are some clips gathering up the fabric on the side we can’t see. I wonder who thought to put a messenger bag on a coat as pockets??

  3. Okay, Anne, let’s be positive here…hmmm…hold on, I’m still thinking….well, huge is totally on trend this season, it’s all over the runways with oversized dresses and jackets. I thought that pattern was really cute too, when I saw it. You are saving a lot of people some serious grief…do you still have the cute pink one??

  4. Thanks for the review. I have been wanting to do this parka – still might?! You gave me a lot to think about when deciding the sizing.

    • Thanks Kbenco. Glad to save you some grief and fabric! Now that you and several others have pointed out the fancy-dress-party- potential of this item…I’m not feeling quite so testy ….and anyway, I got a lot better making the flat felled seams that Velosewer showed me how to do…so not all is lost!!

    • Hi Catherine, it does look great in the magazine….with your lovely height it might work…just make the smallest possible size!…and consider reducing the pocket and hood pattern pieces.

  5. Such a shame- you put so much work into it! It really does look great. I am working on the herringbone jacket from Burdastyle- seems to be bigger than what I would think it should be also! Weird huh?

    • Ooh, what’s the jacket number/issue? I’m still working out my best Burda size…just made a woven top in 40 with my first ever FBA….and am very pleased with the fit, especially on shoulders…will now whip up a few summer blouses with it!

  6. As Alison would say, what a bugger! But huge thanks for your review Anne, and so sorry it didn’t work for you. I suppose there is no point suggesting trying it again in different colour/fabric??? I still like it and am prepared to give it a go but with lots and lots of caution, Just think of all the fabric I can get rid of trying out the different sizes, bleh. But cheer up, maybe you can now join our trench sew-along.

    • Mmmm – perhaps a finer fabric would make it seem less voluminous….. on the other hand, it might make a stylish multipurpose garment: a Parachute Parka – the latest in travelwear for jumping out of planes.

        • So far it’s Maria (Velosewer), Sharon and myself, with a starting date of October, to be discussed at the next ASG meeting in October. So you’d better be there or else I will email you. An absolute no-deadline finishing date, just has to be finished!!! Should be fun. How can we miss?

  7. Oh dear, there is no way that the photo in the magazine was accurate, but glad you got plenty of practice with the flat felled seams. Love the pink coat and those shoes.

    • And they say Pattern Envelope art is misleading!.. I also got a good dose of thread tracing practice ๐Ÿ™‚
      Wonder if that pink is still one of ‘my’ colours…will check that on the 22nd – see you then!

  8. WOW. That hood really is enormous! How could it ever stay up against the wind?? I must say I love your idea of using it as a parachute parka – that made me giggle out loud

  9. Oh I think there’s enough fabric there to do a lot of something else with it?! Blasted Burda does it a goodie ….. thank you for the warning though. And the giggles!

  10. Yeah, photos are so deceiving sometimes, aren’t they? Ah well, this is why we make muslins, eh? Did you actually decipher a set a of BurdaStyle instructions? If so, what’s your secret???!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Wowsers! Thanks for posting this, because that not-so-cute coat caught my eye, too! I cannot believe the size of the pockets. Oversized hoods I love, although that gathered waist is a no-no for me. And yes, the Burda photos are a bit contrived. Look at the angle the back view is shot from. You can tell there’s a lot of coat around the front of the pencil-thin model….

    • Hi Tia Dia….I have yet to see this parka reviewed on PR, BurdaStyle or Burda Addicts etc….Surely someone can make a good go of it?? Or has this review put them off???

  12. You are a good sport, I would be so so cranky. On a second look it’s easy to see the oversized hood and why it’s not on the models head! I also wonder how much of the jacket is bunched up in the front where we can’t see it.

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