Black Blouse & Blooms

BurdaStyle 2011-09-128 - 10

This blouse is BurdaStyle 2011-09-128, in a cool black cotton voile from The Remnant Warehouse. It was an instant favourite when the issue first came out and I initially made it in a luscious white cotton voile (see review here) but it always looked better on Dolly …mainly due to the shoulders being too big.


With FBA knowledge, I made it two sizes smaller… the shoulders fit soooo much better! Interestingly, there was still a LOT of room in this blouse, so I nipped in the back with a wide pleat, running from mid back to below the waist. The problem is that the pleat gets rather crumpled by the end of the day…the sides of the pleat are even – but these pics show me I need to be more careful to avoid mooshing it with the belt!

BurdaStyle 2011-09-128 - 12

I added tiny little buttons, which I think look more RTW? They’re from the wonderful All Buttons Great and Small, in Newtown, Sydney.

BurdaStyle 2011-09-128 - 11

The skirt is Butterick 5466, one of seven versions from my ‘skirt-a-palooza’* affair with this pattern! I still wear every one of them, regularly! A great confidence booster of a pattern for first-time or ‘returning’ sewists! The fabric was from Spotlight’s quilting cotton section!!!? ie not the real-deal-Marimekko. I wouldn’t have been mucking around with the real deal in those early days! I have been known to drool on the front window of the gorgeous Marimekko store in Sydney. It was also made before I knew how to print match…ah well…I still love it.

In conclusion: a summer basic which goes with all those Butterick 5466’s!!

*The lovely ArtAttack coined this perfect description!


  1. Ha! I love being quoted…thank you! This blouse is adorable! I made it a couple of times myself but always thought it looked better on the hanger than me. So cute with your skirt!

    • Separates are useful but I do love the ease of a great dress…like you make!…It’s something I could rarely find til I started sewing…same for skirts, for that matter. It’s not that I need major alterations, just that the things I see in RTW have little appeal! On saying that, I haven’t set foot in a clothes store in eons…

  2. Lovely top. The buttons do give it a sophisticated look. I tried this pattern and it was a shocking fit on me and it all seemed ‘too hard’ so I put it aside. I was so disappointed. Maybe the going down several sizes and doing a FBA was the missing piece. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So jealous of a Marimekko store! Ohh ohh want that fabric so bad! Sometime Spotlight surprises us with a gem every now and again huh? 🙂 Your skirt is gorgeous, I can see how you could wear it all the time, it’s a great outfit all up.

    • Thanks Kaitui Kiwi! My mother got me started on my Marimekko ámore. She loved it in the 70s. The prices are (and always have been) choke-worthy but it’s so iconic (and makes me smile). I mollify myself with Ikea fabric, which is much more reasonable price-wise…(but not quite the same…. ;-(

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Thanks for the info on the blouse, will come in handy. I’ve traced the pattern but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Question about the lovely skirt…how is the quilting cotton wearing? I’ve always wondered about using quilting vs fashion cotton and how the two wear in comparison…

    • I think it really depends on the cotton quality. A good quilting cotton sometimes lasts longer than a lesser quality fashion cotton, in my experience. Both, however, tend to fade with repeat washing…so I try to keep my skirts clean! This fabric has faded …but not so much that it needs to be retired….I think dresses made with quilting cotton suffer more, due to need to wash them more frequently.

      BTW.. That light brown voile with the white circles that I used for the Ruffle Shoulder blouse faded horribly after a couple washes…I had high hopes for that fabric 😦

  5. What a great outfit. I love Marimekko too. I’m impressed with your blouse. My version is too low cut and gapes so Iput it in the giveaway box just last week in a fit of wardrobe purging. Perhaps I should go back to that pattern and fiddle a bit more with the fit..

    • Hi Sewingellle, I deliberately put the top button higher on the placket to prevent gaping (it’s slightly closer to the edge than the other buttons). I always had to safety pin the white one to keep it closed!

  6. Great outfit, you look very polished in it. I love the tiny buttons on the blouse, they are perfection.

    I will have to keep an eye for over sized quilting cotton prints after seeing this outfit.

    • LOL, that’s what the girl at the button shop said too! They aren’t that bad…though I have been known to take the quick escape route and pull this blouse over my head rather than unbutton it…ahem…

  7. That is a great outfit – I really love the print on the skirt. I’m going to have to see if I can chase down that issue for the pattern as well. It looks like a perfect top for spring and summer. I’m always looking for office appropriate things I can layer, since it’s freezing in the morning but warm in the afternoon!

  8. That is such a great shirt pattern. I love it in black. A great stylish top that will go with many an outfit. I’m all inspired to make a black shirt now. Thanks for the button link too!

    • Lol…I was rather pleased with myself when the pleat experiment actually worked!! What is that saying?….there are no mistakes, just discoveries…(no idea who originally came up with that gem, but it fits) 😛

  9. I like this outfit a lot. The top is perfect for hot days and you can dress it up or down. That shoulder pleat detail is really nice. It fits great too. The skirt ….. can’t go wrong with a gorgeous skirt.

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