A Graphic Wrap Dress

McCalls5974 - A

Yes, it’s another black + white item.

I had my colours ‘done’ several times (I’m a Light Warm, Light Summer or just Summer, depending on the ‘system’ applied)….but keep I gravitating to black and white combinations, especially bold prints.

Goodbye Valentino’s sharp looking b+w wrap dress inspired this creation. I ordered the pattern she used (New Look 6097) but it took a while to arrive and I was itching to use this fabric from Spotlight! Numerous Australian bloggers have commented that Spotlight have lifted their game…and I have to agree, at least as far at the Rockdale (Sydney) store is concerned.

This is The Perfect Knit Dress from McCall’s Palmer/Pletsch Classic Fit (M5974)

My favourite aspect is the double wrapped ties. They accentuate (what’s left of) a waist but also hide the aspects that have gone to waste…

Tweaks I made:
– added an  inch to the bodice length .. . a cheat FBA…   (Note to self: remember to add an inch to back pattern piece to avoid having to shorten front skirt more than you want to!)
– narrowed the sleeves considerably from elbow to wrist. I don’t know what the intended look was, but the original pattern has a LOT of ease in the sleeve from the elbow down.

That’s about it! It fits very well on the shoulders. A-mazing! And it doesn’t gape. Even more A-mazing.

McCalls 5974 - C

McCalls 5974 - B

I made this just before we slipped into ‘Oven-Roaster’ weather, so have only worn it once…but come the cooler weather, I envisage this dress being worn a LOT.
It’ll work fine on it’s own for work in the late summer/early autumn…and by then, I expect to have at least one, perhaps two jackets to wear over it (Sewaholics’s Cordova  -Version B and Vogue 8627 – Version A)

Best I get on with those!


  1. Beautiful!!! This has become my new TNT pattern. Just made my second one last night. Isn’t it great? It’s funny–I did the ‘cheat FBA’ too, and love it so much more that way. You will wear it a lot when the weather is more cooperative, and you will (or at least you SHOULD) make more. This is gorgeous on you!

    • This is actually my second version…I wear the first one (also b+w, of course) but it has a rather glaring pattern mis-match along the centre back seam…and while I can’t see it, I am SURE people notice it and are appalled 😉 The first one was made about 18 mos ago, before I started thinking more carefully about pattern matching…. it was also the version where I ‘discovered’ the Cheat FBA method…though, I didn’t realise that was what I was doing…I initially made up the bodice ‘as per pattern’ and looked like a stuffed pidgeon til I added that extra inch! Also, I think adding the extra to the bottom of the pattern was the best way to do an FBA on this style of dress…it maintained the shoulders and upper chest sizing, which as mentioned, meant no gaping 😉 – and avoided having to insert a side dart.

  2. i don’t know if it’s the dress on you, or you in the dress, but this is one fierce combination. You look positively stunning and gorgeous!!!

    • Thank you Ms Renata! The proper camera/flash/tripod/remote also help considerably…as does shooting pics in the glorious summer twighlight we have at the moment. I’m still keen to have a photoshoot at the next ASG session, if you want to …..

  3. Pretty! I think this dress looks stunning in the black/white you’ve used here, and I think we all go through stages where we gravitate towards one or two colors, so no worries! 🙂 Enjoy your dress this fall! 🙂

  4. Awesome!! The fit, style and print work SO well together! I never would have looked twice at that pattern. Your results show you that sometimes a dud look on the envelope can still lead to an awesome finished dress.

    • Totally agree Nettie – the envelope pictures really do not inspire! I bought it for the ‘Palmer/Pletsch’ fitting info, which was a good learning resource in my quest for decent fit!

  5. Anne your dress is great. And black and white too! It’s an excellent print. This is the dress that my SIL is sold on. So glad to see you’re sold on it too. The waist ties make it more feminine.

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  7. That dress is really inspiring. I am still to take a dive into the pool of knits but that dress is superb. I was in Melbourne last year and my work colleague took me to Spotlight one afternoon. I was really impressed with the fabric. We also went to Tessuti. Unfortunately for me the Australian dollar was so strong to make the fabric way more expensive than at home.

      • I think that even sale prices were going to be too high for me – the exchange rate made shopping in Australia for anything really expensive – it really curtailed my shopping habit while I was there! I did buy some 100% Australian wool (on sale) but was amused to find it was manufactured in China!

  8. I have a wrap dress in my future too and I am really liking this fabric. Hmmmm ….

    BTW Spotlight in NZ hasn’t changed their game at all, so think positive thought across the Tasman will you please.

    • I heard somewhere (no idea where) that Spotlight has a new buyer who’s been making some great choices…?? Perhaps he/she will compare notes with the NZ buyer?? (Or perhaps he/she will end up purchasing for both Aust. & NZ??) I have no idea but it would be interesting to meet this person and find out what they base their decisions on…

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  11. Eventhough you have got a lot of lovely comments I could not stop and add mine.
    You look fabulous in this dress. Good choice! I love such dressess. I have to make one for myself as well… It is perfect for summer!

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