Renfrew Mondrian et. al.

The Sewaholic Renfrew top has become an instant classic!

Nice work, Tasia!

It’s been reviewed/posted about widely….so I won’t go into a lot of detail other than to show you several more iterations.

I present: Renfrew Mondrian:

Renfrew Mondrian 5

Renfrew Mondrian 3

And Renfrew Green…or better known as “Australian Sewing Guild Green” (a lot of ASG-ers fell hard for this fabric!)

(see also Holy Batwings Dress)

Renfrew - Green - 1

Does anyone else get ‘the silly’s’ when taking remote pics of themselves??

Renfrew - Green - 4

Both the Mondrian and the Green fabric are from Spotlight.

I’ve been wearing these tops to death!

(and I wore my Winter versions to death in that season too)

If you haven’t yet invested in a Renfrew pattern…do so, NOW!


  1. Love the contrast cowl idea! Very fun, and a great way to use up some of those smaller remnants that you can’t bear to throw away! πŸ™‚ Also, the flower pic cracked me up. πŸ˜‰

    • I know it looks like I have that flower in my mouth, but it’s actually up my nose! (TMI?) I was inhaling deeply….
      As for remnant usage, yes, this cowl is the perfect size. This one was salvaged from an unsuccessful Burda Cowl dress ..the Mondrian print was a tad too overpowering in a dress (says she who loves big bold prints??)

  2. I love both tops (why can’t I find such cool fabric at Spotties??). Although my love of patterned fabric drew my eyes to the green, I think I love the Mondrian even better. What a great idea.

  3. Love that Mondrian cowl. I also think it could be your choice of fabrics that make that pattern work so well. I can see a new career as a fashion photographer in your tea leaves. I need to hurry up and finish something to see if your magic works on me!!

    • Ready when you are! It’s funny, I purchase fabric with one thing in mind but inevitably make something completely different with it!!? The Mondrian combination just hit me out of the blue!

  4. I am new to commenting on your blog but followed you on BurdaStyle(schnui). I can’t believe how lucky you are with Spotlight and finding such lovely fabrics. These two fabrics and your dress from the previous blog, are just lovely and the Renfrew t-shirt looks so nice on you. Why is the Renfrew so much better than other t-shirt patterns? I know this must be a silly question because I see nothing but very happy sewers on all blogs showing their latest Renfrew t-shirt.

    • Hello Marj – nice to see you ‘here’! I think Spotlight carries different things in different places…I’ve visited 3 stores in Sydney (Rockdale, Lidcombe and Birkenhead Point)…and all three seem to be different…Rockdale is by far the best, as far as I’m concerned.

      As for why the Renfrew seems to be better than other t-shirt patterns…I think this is a great question…so will turn it into a new post! Stay tuned…

      • I have gone ahead and ordered a Renfrew pattern but will look forward to your new post. I don’t mind sewing up the odd t-shirt, especially when I have a nice knit and have just been shocked by the price of a very ordinary t-shirt in the shops. I am really looking forward to trying this pattern and understanding why so many women love it and have such great success with it.You can considered yourself a very good ambassador for the Renfrew t-shirt pattern!!!

  5. I love the use of the coloured cowl with the black shirt – how inventive! Never would have thought of doing that and it looks so great! Thanks for the inspiration. Nice use of the Frangipani, BTW πŸ™‚

  6. Both very beautiful indeed. Love the Mondrian touch. And that green fabric is amazing. Looks uber designer-expensive! I would be really interested to know why the Renfew is better so looking forward to that post πŸ™‚

  7. They both turned out nice. I love the green top especially. I need to buy the Renfew pattern. I’ve had it bookmarked forever but for some reason never buy it. And I always feel silly taking photos of myself.

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  9. Looks great! I have that fabric too, it never occurred to me to use contrasting fabrics in a renfrew, I might have to give it a try.

    • Thanks! Contrasting pieces happened with my test version cos I didn’t have enough fabric (the paisley)…but I liked it so much, I kept mucking around with different fabrics…I remember your Mondrian skirt…you wore it to the first Sydney Sewing Blogger meet up and I went off to find more of the fabric to blatantly copy you….but alas, no more to be found 😦

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