Lobbing a Liebster and Other Award Thank-You’s

I’ve been very encouraged by:

all of whom sent me blogger awards in the last few months. Thank you!!

I think it’s fun to learn a bit about the person behind a sewing blog, so, in the spirit of sewing blog sharing, here’s a bit more about me, in answer to Trice’s Liebster questions:

1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
Interaction with fellow sewing nuts enthusiasts! I enjoy giving and getting encouragement via comments and ‘likes’.

2. What is your favorite type of food?
Anything cooked by someone else! I can cook reasonably well but it’s not a passion like sewing is! Fortunately, Mr CherryPix has developed a talent for slow cooking…so we are frequently spoiled with a house filled with amazing aromas of wonderful roasts/curries/stews/soups. Yes, I know how lucky I am!

3. What was the most embarrassing outfit or item of clothing/accessory you have worn in your life?
Grey Qantas Club jammies…I always seem to be wearing them when someone drops in unexpectedly.   I am frequently embarassed πŸ˜‰ but pleased to see friends whenever!  (the joys of working from home!)

4. What song do you currently have on repeat?
I am finding it difficult to answer this…for fear of being judged as the complete dag Miss CherryPix (17 y/o) tells me I am re: my taste in music!! I don’t listen to music that much, except when I’m running. I’m more of a Radio National / podcast / audiobook listener.  I do love to go see live music and am really enjoying the renaissance of smaller venues like The Vanguard and the Camelot Lounge where you can get within 2 metres of the performers rather than watching them from peanut heaven on huge video screens! The last gig we went to see was Elvis Costello’s Spectacular Spinning Song Book tour at the State Theatre in January – it was, indeed, spectacular!

5. I scream, you scream, we all scream for _____?
Definitely ice cream…however, I cannot have it in the house…if it somehow sneaks in, the whole tub must be consumed. All at once.  I get regular (and better portion controlled) ‘fixes’ out and about, especially at La Dolce Vita Gelatisserie on King St, Newtown. Favourite flavour: Chilli Chocolate!

6. What is your 9-5 job?
I’m self employed. Have been, on and off, since 1990. I currently have two businesses, one is a national practitioner network for treatment/assessment of work-related injuries/illnesses. The other is a workers comp consulting practice. I work from home…my sewing room is also my office (note the priority order…) Ahem. But seriously, I really enjoy the flexibility of working/sewing/ being around when Miss CherryPix gets home from school. Our head office is in Melbourne, so I go down there for an office ‘fix’.

7. If you could go back to any time in history when would that be and why?
Somewhere between the 1850s and early 1900s, in both Britain and the US.  I have family pictures, letters and memorabilia as well as family tree info from ancestors in this period and I’d really like know what life was like for them. I wonder what they did day to day, what inspired them…etc.

8.Who is your favorite blogger?
Too many to list! I am always interested in reading blogs about things made from BurdaStyle magazine.
Here are a few new-ish bloggers I am keen to see more of:

Silk, Lace & Steel

Just look at this luscious Raspberry Dress she made!! (and photostyled beautifully!)

Thread Theory

After my recent foray into sewing a Negroni shirt for Mr CherryPix, I was excited to discover Thread Theory, a new men’s pattern maker. I really like her latest, the Newcastle Cardigan…but am having difficulty convincing Mr CherryPix…I think I  might make up a version….and if it doesn’t ‘work’ for him, it will look great on another style-meister friend of ours. Thread Theory also has some nice photoshoots – and recently posted some helpful tips how to teach yourself fashion photography.

Beacon Hill Shoot-7


Anyone who can find a cat costume like this …and get her cat to wear it….has my attention!! Gjeometry also sews some great things!

Kitty Accepting His Award Wardrobe Change 3

9. Do you have any goals for 2013?
My running buddies and I are signed up for a number of fun runs around Sydney this year. Next up is a Half Marathon Relay in May; a much more civilised way to ‘run’ a half marathon!! We run in two-person teams; one person runs 7 km, the other runs 14 km, to make up the 21 km Half Marathon distance. I’m running the 14 km leg, in preparation for the City to Surf in August (Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach) which is also 14 km. My favourite is the Bridge Run  (9 km) in September – nothing like running down the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a gorgeous spring morning! The only niggle is that my achilles are sore at the moment…hmmmm…

10. What hobby takes up most of your attention?
You need to ask??

11. What is your favorite book that you can read over and over again?
I listen to books more than read them. Interestingly, I can listen to an audiobook multiple times, but tend to read a book only once. My all-time favourite audiobooks are the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, narrated by Davina Porter. I’ve never heard a narrator who can create so many different voices, male and female, in so many different accents. Her Scottish accent is outstanding! I’ve been ‘in love’ with Jamie Fraser ever since I first heard ‘his’ voice!  PS: 10,506 reviewers on Audible agree with me….

So…there you have it – all the pips on CherryPix.

I am not going to play strictly by Award Rules….see here for more things about me

Here are 11 Leibster questions for the 11 bloggers mentioned below, if you care to answer. I realise these award things are not everyone’s cup of tea…so, please don’t feel compelled to reply. Just know that I enjoy reading your blog and am interested in you!

  1. Do you mainly wear colours that look great on you or colours that you love? (or are they the same?)
  2. Which pattern have you made the most times?
  3. What is your number-one favourite sewing gadget?
  4. What did you think you were going to work as, when you left school?
  5. Which are you more into: Pattern Review or BurdaStyle Website?
  6. What’s your ideal evening out?
  7. Which sewing reference book do you use most often?
  8. Are you a pattern tracer or a pattern cutter (ie: just cut the pattern pieces you need straight from the tissue) ?
  9. What’s at the top of your reading pile?
  10. Public speaking or public singing (solo) – which scares you the most?
  11. Which of your own sewing creations are you most pleased with? (include a pic or link, if possible)


    • Getting very spooky πŸ™‚ did you read the series or listen to it? I’ve read some of the books but get a completely different (and better, IMO) understanding of the story lines when listening to it. I love the way Diana Gabaldon weaves science fiction, fantasy and a million interesting historical facts into this fantastic series.

  1. Congratulations on your awards! And Kitty and I would like to thank you SO MUCH for the shout out!! So tickled that I made your list of favourite bloggers :). Even though I know that’s my Kitty, the little cotton bunny tail still makes me laugh every time, LOL. I have not read that book either and may just have to check it out. And looking forward to looking into some of those other blogs that I’ve not heard of. Cheers! -Catja and Kitty

    • My pleasure. PS – I really liked that green and blue ‘triangle’dress you recently posted about…bet you are still getting gasps of admiration when people ask you where it came from πŸ˜‰

  2. Thank you for thinking of my blog! I look forward to filling out your questions for this Friday’s post πŸ™‚ I too am an audio book addict and recently listened to the first of the Outlander series…my mom has been recommending the series to me for years and I’m glad I’ve finally taken her suggestion!

    • Great – look forward to reading your answers! Keep going with the Outlander audio books – they are great – though due to copyright issues, several in the ‘middle’ of the series are missing…I tried listening to an abridged version of one of them but was mightly put off by the narrator…a good narrator is critical! (I read those books). Diana Gabaldon expects to have the 8th book in the series out sometime later this year…I really liked the last one, Echo in the Bone.

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  4. Hey Cherrypix! I’m not usually a fan of blog awards, and I don’t often post comments either, but I really enjoyed reading more about you! I also love Radio National, audiobooks, ice cream….and yes there are several pairs of Qantas PJs lurking in our house!! HAHA!

  5. Congratulations on your award – well deserved!! and Thank you too for nominating me for one – how very kind and much appreciated. Nice to get to know you a bit better – good answers!

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