Back on Target

Shot 3

I’m back on target! And aiming for a lot more time in the sewing room in 2014!!
The renovation dust has settled, we’ve survived the HSC and sojourned to foreign climes (France and Spain)
The sewing accoutrements were packed away for far too long!

I’m off to a rocky start, however. There was an attempt at another Ruffle Shoulder blouse (BurdaStyle 2010-07-121) I’ve come to like the light-blah colour one I made a while back…so thought I’d try a green print one. Ah…no. Looks like lettuce stitched to my shoulders. I still like the pattern, but it’s best in another colour or print.


Then I tried to finish a red print Archer I started last year. I made the one with the gathered rear panel, just for something different. Unfortunately, the panel puffed out like a bubble…not a good look. I unpicked the gathered version (the way it was designed) and tried wider pleats. Mmmm… That didn’t work either. I do, however, like it from the front, so I will definitely try again with the ‘normal’ version.


And I whipped up a Jalie 3024 dress…super easy and fast but I’m not in love with the waist band panel. If I make this again, I’ll blend the top, waist and skirt all into one piece. Also probably better made in a more substantial knit…this ITY version is not forgiving!


All which is leading to why I am posting about the B+W ‘Target’ top I made several years ago. I thought it might be something useful for BurdaStyle sewists* looking for a quick top that’s a little sharper than a T-shirt. It’s a lightening quick make: front, back and neck facing/ sleeve bindings if that’s how you like to finish things (I do). It’s BurdaStyle 2011-04-122. See my Pattern Review post for more details. I have the neck folded down. It’s not too hot, though I wouldn’t wear it on a sticky 30+C day.

*apologies to sewists who don’t subscribe to / have access to BurdaStyle Magazine…I can’t find this pattern for sale on the English-version BurdaStyle website.


Now….back to my sewing room!


  1. Fantastic…………you are sewing! I love all of the photo’s and garments, they all look great to me………patience and trial and error are all standards with our creative passion!

    • It’s one thing to have lettuce stuck in your teeth…this was going too far! The dress has potential….I like it better in the picture …will leave it on Dolly for a while to see if I like it any better in real life. It still needs neck, sleeve and hem finishing.

  2. Great to see you again! You’re really cranking out the garments…I especially love the “on target” top…adorable on you! I’m just finishing my first French jacket and hope to post soon.

    • Thanks Catherine. I liked the prints too…a bit annoyed I didn’t purchase more of them. Salvage for smaller projects may be possible…however, I think that about most of my unwearable creations and have a rather daunting pile up… πŸ˜‰

  3. So good to see you sewing and the lettuce leaves, well enough said. Pity the dress isn’t you it looks very good but it is always how it makes us feel that counts. Need to check out that Burda pattern.

    • Hi Sharon! Exactly! I feel a bit self conscious and lumpy in the blue dress…and I hate wearing Spanx…will save it for one of those days when I am feeling svelte. May be waiting a while… πŸ˜‰

  4. So glad you are back to sewing and blogging πŸ™‚ The fabrics are beautiful even if the tops didn’t turn out for you. I’ve wondered about the gathered back piece in the Archer shirt. Have you seen the Grainline video of the Archers? Some really fabulous renditions!

    • Hello Sara, good to be back! Thanks for pointing me to the Archer Video
      Love all the different versions!!! I think the gathered back piece just hits me in an odd spot…every time I looked at myself from the side, I wanted to smooth it down. I have some fabulous shirt fabrics lined up…so will definitely try again with the classic style. The sleeveless versions are particularly attractive as we head in to Sauna Month in Sydney (hot and wickedly humid).

  5. Great to see you back! Sounds like you have been having fun, at least part of the time. I had been wondering where in the heck you were!

    • Hello Tia Dia, Thank you! Yes that green print is bright and cheery…a little too bright in some lights. But the ruffles really do look like lettuce. I’ll see how it looks after a wash. The ruffles on the previous version shrank a little, and the lower ‘profile’ might save this. Or not.

  6. Lovely to see you back in my “inbox”! I’d say you are off to a great new sewing year, lettuce and all – your lettuce description made me laugh!! But I do like that print.

    • Hello Fifty Dresses! Got to laugh when things don’t go quite to plan! Unfortunately I don’t have much of the fabric left…but as I mentioned to CatherineDaze above, I’ll keep it for harvesting, if I can’t make a go of it, as is.

  7. Sounds just like my life – except my darlings are still OS and have left me to manage their university enrolments. Love your sewing – especially the dress.

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  9. Hey, welcome back!! Kitty and I have missed your fun and informative comments on our blog! You’ve made some terrific items here. Lettuce shoulders, LOL! I think it’s cute! But, I just love that dress! Great fabric, good shape, it’s a real winner!

    • Hi Gjeometry! I am going to have to try the dress on again…I was having a ‘fat’ day when I tried it on initially and got put off…We have two new kitties at our house….will post about them in the not too distant future so your Kitty can meet them.

      • New kitties? Yay! I’m sure they will bring you much joy. And, you must make them little collars and ties. Did you see our latest blogpost? Kitty sewed a zebra print collar and tie. The pattern link is on the blog. (your kitties asked me to tell you this πŸ™‚ )

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