Cutting Table Cat


Cat aficionados know this look… ears back, pounce position…Queue the Talking Heads soundtrack: “Psycho Kitten…Qu’est-ce que c’est ?”

Your pattern’s shredded in seconds….
That carefully laid out slinky fabric is smooshed right off the cutting table…


Meet Jellybean….one of two new feline family members to join us in the last 6 months.

She’s sweet as a jellybean and hyper as kid who’s eaten a bag of them….

DSC00943 1

You can get away with murder (and pattern shredding and fabric smooshing) with a face like that….


  1. Destructive little demons wrapped up in cuteness but we do know better. Some of the time. Sigh.

    Fortunately my cat doesn’t get up on the sewing table at all. Odd that cos there’s so much to destroy.

  2. Oh my gosh, so sweet! I don’t stop Harri from rolling around on my cutting able, fabric, patterns and all! She has such a great time and makes me giggle – Sewing with kitties can be frustrating but overall they’re god for your health 😉

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