Archer Lime & Gingham


What a glorious Easter Weekend we had in Sydney!

When we weren’t out revelling in the sunshine, I was finishing off a stack of shirts I’ve had piling up in the Sewing Salon.

This is my favourite, a Lime & Gingham Grainline Archer.

It really is a superb pattern – beautifully drafted and the sew-along posts really helped make this shirt my best yet! I had several ‘a-ha’ moments – in particular how to get the collar stand and cuff alignment spot-on. As if by magic! A very good confidence builder! I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but I’ve declared this The Year of Shirts…and I am working on perfecting the art of collars, stands, cuffs etc.

I love the colour blocking potential of this pattern. This lime fabric is a butter-soft cotton lawn . The b+w gingham has a slight amount of stretch to it, so it’s very comfy to wear. Both fabrics are from The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria.

Here it is un-buttoned at the neck, tucked in:


Love the pleat at the back. I inverted it on this version. A later version has it ’round the other way – both look great. (stay tuned)


Check out the fabulous Archer Flickr board for inspiration.


  1. Oh, Anne, this is by far the cutest Archer I’ve seen yet! Love the color blocking! You are so creative. Makes me want to make another. Happy Easter!

    • Thanks Kristy – the piecing is what really appeals to me, too…I’m going a bit bonkers with mixing prints/colours! Love the results, however I need some single colour bases….(bummer they’re just a bit boring to sew)

  2. I really love your new shirt. My current shirt pattern lacks the shoulder panel and inverted pleat. I think I have some drafting work to do.

  3. Wow very cool shirt and I am loving the colours too ….and the proteas! I am still scared of a shirt ….. though there are several I wanna make too. I might just become inspired if you keep this up 😉

  4. It was so nice to meet you in person last night at The Henson! This has to be one of my favourite Archer’s out there. I just love the lime and gingham together, you’ve got me thinking about a colour blocked Archer to add to my sewing queue (like I don’t have enough already) 😉

    • Lovely to meet you IRL too! What are the odds that next time we cross paths at The Henson we’ll both be wearing an Archer??? 🙂 (pretty good, I’d say!) …or perhaps Papercut Miessa….I’ve got a magenta one of those planned. Your shirts inspire me!!

  5. You’ve convinced me… I neeeeeeed to make an Archer! Also, after not sewing for five years or so, I’m glad to know the Remnant Warehouse are still around… Your fabrics look amazing, what splendid choices, you look great! (Found you via your PR post)

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