Seeing Paisley Elephants


I am delirious with shirt making success thanks to the Grainline Archer shirt pattern!

With the great sew-along instructions, pictures and videos, I can now make a pretty decent collar, if I do say so myself.

And cuffs!

The fabric is a cotton from Spotlight. There was still some at the Rockdale store last week.

I need to work on pattern matching but who said Pushmepullyous can’t share space with elephants??



Dr Doolittle would approve, I think.

I certainly talk with this animal, who insists on frequent cuddles!




  1. Elephants and paisley! How awesome. I have Paisley fabric in front of me and I’m trying to pick a pattern for it. Love how your shirt fits! And really, two heads are better than one. 🙂

  2. Your Grainline Archer has to be the best in blogland!! Well done, it is a triumph and the fabric is wonderful.

    • That’s high praise indeed, Ms Marj!! Saw your instagram note re: getting the Archer…you’ll enjoy it! I think I may end up with as many Archers as I have Renfrews….and you know that’s a LOT!

      • Thanks to you CherryPix, I have quite a few Renfrews and now you have got me on the Archer merry-go-round. I have made so many shirts over the years, mainly Burda patterns, so it will be interesting to see how the Archer is going to fit. I will let you know via Instagram.

    • Thanks Ooobop! I confess to being a tad dismayed when I first realised I had so carefully matched up elephants pulling in OPPOSITE directions! (ahem). But hey, the opportunity to wear pushmi-pullyus down my front is a rare one, like said beasts! They are a conversation starter!

  3. This is fabulous! If I could, I might steal it out of your laundry basket when you weren’t looking. I think the pattern matching is just the right amount of whimsy. Sigh, I guess I am going to have to buy this pattern. There are so many great versions of it, it must be worth it.

    • Thanks Dorcas, it was a good ‘find’ ….another of those finds that occur when you are not supposed to be looking…(always the best time to ‘find’, I think)

    • Thank you Jean Margaret! That magic formula for pattern + fabric can be elusive! (the UFO’s hanging out-of-sight on the back of my door attest to that) but the elephant paisley + Archer combo worked well!

    • Thank you Jude! Lovely to read through your blog! And you’re also an ASG Member! Looks like you did exceptionally well on the recent Sydney fabric tour!

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