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I surprised myself by taking this on. Time to write blog posts is not abundant.  But lovely Sarah, from Ask Sarah asked me to participate, saying she was curious about my writing process.  She’s actually pretty aware of it, thanks to the hoot of a time we have working together on the Australian Sewing Guild marketing team.  And she still likes me. Click over to her blog to check out a fabulous mix of vintagey/refashionry/retrofittery sewing cleverness!

What am I working on?

The occasional post on the occasional things I pick to sew.

How does my work differ from others in the genre?

It doesn’t.  I think my posts are classic sewing blog posts:  pictures of sewn garments + commentary.

Why do I write what I do?

Purely to contribute to the sewing blog inspiration pool.  I love reading sewing blogs and want to ‘pass it on’.

I generally post my interpretation of a pattern.  Occasionally, I share info I’ve researched, eg: how to sew satin. I sometimes feel I am teaching people to suck eggs when I do this, but then I remember I learned most of what I know from reading other bloggers’ tips and how to’s. So, if just one reader has an ‘aha’ moment, I think it’s worth the effort to document some of my discoveries/epiphanies.

How does my writing process work?

It’s pretty random. I don’t rush my sewing or my blogging. I have more than enough time-critical things in my world! Sewing and blogging about sewing are my creative outlets.  The ‘mood’ to write just hits. It tends to coincide with good light for photographs and being bothered to set up the tripod/camera.

I am, as Sarah joked (in a nice way), a perfectionist blogger. It’s true. I am fussy. I write, read, edit, read, edit, post, read, edit and edit again. Chances are this post will be slightly different if you re- read it in a week.  I fuss about pictures, layout, tone, font, grammar and punctuation. (If you pick up a typo, let me know!) Yes, I am one of those.

But I am also a pragmatist. Sewing bloggers, I think, are interested in the pictures and the experience, not the literary merits. So, I go for short and sweet, with a twist of humour!

Fabric Pheromones


    • Thanks Fifty Dresses. I really just blog to share and hopefully give a laugh! Not a significant amount of philosophy or process analysis behind it… it was interesting to acknowledge that! Seems a tad shallow…but one of the reasons I like reading sewing blogs is the fact that they don’t generally get too D & M! (deep & meaningful)

  1. As someone who has yet to put her toe on the blog waters, thank you for your contributions. I have learnt so much from reading blogs…. often the same information is already out there in books, but I think it just sinks in that little bit better when it’s applied in (someone else’s) real world. So I am grateful for the “sucking eggs” bits in peoples blogs, even when I do know the content. And yes, I ever do get round to blogging it myself, it wouldn’t be that regular either, just when I actually produce something, which is not that often given life’s other distractions and obligations. I don’t expect or want sewing blogs to be deep or meaningful, if I wanted an epiphany I would perhaps read a book or check out the sunset! 🙂

    • Thanks Cejayem! I think the ‘lightness’ of sewing blogs is one of their main attractions! We’re cheering each other on (or up 😉 ). I have a ton of sewing reference books, but, like you, I retain more from what I read in a blog. Blows me away how often I remember something I read on a blog months/years ago – it all clicks into place! The latest was remembering to stitch a fold-line 1/4″ from the edge, to get a more even flat-fell fold on the curved armscye of a Negroni shirt. I took pics of that process, for sharing. Stay tuned.

  2. I really enjoyed this post and I really like your blog. You’ve got an approachable, friendly, fun tone. All that fosters a lot of sewing conversation in real life and online ( despite my not engaging online much recently) You were one if the first people to comment on my blog too, you made me feel very welcome

    • Hello Smittenness! Lovely to read what you like about this blog! And very glad you felt welcome! That’s the way I felt when I found the world of sewing bloggers …and then started meeting them in real life. I don’t know that much about other blogging communities, but wonder if they too can meet in person and just pick up the conversation the way sewing people do…never at a loss for things to discuss!!!

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