Rapt in Cotton

I’m definitely rapt with this floaty version of BurdaStyle 09-2010-110, a sleeveless wrap blouse.

This was a ‘just-jump-in-and-see-what-happens’ creation. I like cross-over wrap styles better than button-down blouses.

The soft double-pleated collar falls nicely, thanks to the super-fine, super-soft black cotton used.

I was inspired by these lovely silk and silk/cotton versions. A soft fabric is definitely the go for this. There are also some gorgeous long-sleeve versions (09-2010-111).  I especially like the olive one, with the ‘bishop’ cuffs.

The original design has buttons attached at the side to close the wrap, but, as others have suggested,  a simple thin grosgrain ribbon worked better; didn’t weigh the front down.

I attached two sets of ribbons, one on the inside and one on the outside. Having worn this a lot, I now think I’ll create a small slit in the right side and pull the currently inside ribbons to the outside to tie. That will create a more defined waist.

The collar is integrated with the front pieces. To hold facings in place, I edge-stitched up one front edge , ’round the collar and down the other front edge. This adds a little extra body to the neckline. I  use my most favourite multi-use foot, a stitch-in-the-ditch foot *, with the needle moved left, to stitch just on the edge of the fabric running next to the ‘rudder’ on the foot. Love the accuracy I can get with that foot, for both edge and top stitching!

* I am not recommending this site, just showing you a picture of what my stitch-in-the-ditch foot looks like.

The sides were french seamed and the hem was edge-stitched, again to add a bit of body. I hand-sewed the facings to shoulder seam allowances – possibly not necessary –  but for a fine material like this, hand stitching impacts less on the fabric’s softness. I finished the sleeve edges, per the instructions, by turning twice and stitching a to create a thin hem.

I don’t normally wear white underneath this blouse! It’s just what “Dolly’ had on the day I took the pics!  I ramped up the exposure to show the edge-stitching.

Make this if you want something simple and elegant, that works great with skirts, pants, shorts and jeans!  My plan is to make another in fine white cotton.

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