A Denim Maxi … Where Jeans Meet Skirt

A denim maxi…where jeans meet skirt!

(with updated pics…)

This pattern from BurdaStyle Magazine Oct 2011 (#103) caught my eye:

It’s designed for a stretch knit but several reviewers on Pattern Review used denim, and I had some stretch denim lurking in my stash…just perfect for this.

I thought the fly zip might be a challenge, having  never installed one, but it went in just fine! I reviewed Sandra Betzina’s instructions in Power Sewing as well as Debbie Cook’s excellent Fly Zip tutorial. And the BurdaStyle ones weren’t too bad either!

This pattern runs ‘big’. I traced a 42 which is usually fine, but this swam on me! I even cut the fabric on grain, rather than the recommended bias, in an effort to avoid ‘bagging out’ that can occur with stretch denim.  I also used a 2% stretch denim to reduce this potential (many are 3%). Found it at The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria (Sydney). They have a range of good quality denim … as well as numerous other temptations!

Fortunately, there are many seams to allow even ‘running in’.  I took it in a good inch on the front and back seams and half inch on both sides. The yoke and waistband allow further tweaking, which I think I am getting better at! I’m happy with the fit across the lower back after repeated incremental ‘running in’s’.

To further reduce ‘bagging’, I stablised the top front with calico squares to act as ‘stays’, attached at the side seams and the fly tape. Debbie Cook’s Fly Tutorial explains this very well and it really works! (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture, but you get a clear idea of how it looks on Debbie’s tutorial).

It’s lined with a funky purple & orange stretch poly-charmeuse.

I left the back pockets off. My goal was to have a slightly less ‘jeansy’ look. But it was a bit ‘dark’ and rather plain…so I jazzed it up with some more of my favourite embellishment: hand top stitching…deliberately ‘not perfect’. (Well, that’s my story…).

It’s also quite short. I’m 5’5″ and it hits right at my ankle, without a hem!. To maximise the maxi-ness, I sewed wide bias hemtape to the bottom edge and turned it up on the seam. I then slip-stitched the lining to the hem tape to neatly enclose the innards.

I’ve worn it several times this week…and figured out it’s more of ‘sitting’ skirt than a walking skirt. Hoiking it up to your knees to walk at a reasonable pace defeats the whole purpose…not to mention looks a tad undignified when running for the bus! I’d recommend inserting a back vent, even if using a stretch knit.

Here’s a full length shot:

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