A Graphic Wrap Dress

McCalls5974 - A

Yes, it’s another black + white item.

I had my colours ‘done’ several times (I’m a Light Warm, Light Summer or just Summer, depending on the ‘system’ applied)….but keep I gravitating to black and white combinations, especially bold prints.

Goodbye Valentino’s sharp looking b+w wrap dress inspired this creation. I ordered the pattern she used (New Look 6097) but it took a while to arrive and I was itching to use this fabric from Spotlight! Numerous Australian bloggers have commented that Spotlight have lifted their game…and I have to agree, at least as far at the Rockdale (Sydney) store is concerned.

This is The Perfect Knit Dress from McCall’s Palmer/Pletsch Classic Fit (M5974)

My favourite aspect is the double wrapped ties. They accentuate (what’s left of) a waist but also hide the aspects that have gone to waste…

Tweaks I made:
– added an  inch to the bodice length .. . a cheat FBA…   (Note to self: remember to add an inch to back pattern piece to avoid having to shorten front skirt more than you want to!)
– narrowed the sleeves considerably from elbow to wrist. I don’t know what the intended look was, but the original pattern has a LOT of ease in the sleeve from the elbow down.

That’s about it! It fits very well on the shoulders. A-mazing! And it doesn’t gape. Even more A-mazing.

McCalls 5974 - C

McCalls 5974 - B

I made this just before we slipped into ‘Oven-Roaster’ weather, so have only worn it once…but come the cooler weather, I envisage this dress being worn a LOT.
It’ll work fine on it’s own for work in the late summer/early autumn…and by then, I expect to have at least one, perhaps two jackets to wear over it (Sewaholics’s Cordova  -Version B and Vogue 8627 – Version A)

Best I get on with those!