The Parka Carked It

I present this as a cautionary tale.

“A perfect spring jacket!” I thought, when I spied Parka #129 in BurdaStyle’s Sept 2012 issue.

Looked great on the page.

And I learned from my Minoru jacket, that gathered waist jackets can look OK on me.

Yes, well…not always….

I suspected this was a tad I went down a size (40)…it’s still HUGE! Everything about it is HUGE…the pockets, the hood, the sleeves, the body… I think you need to be at least 6ft tall and no more than 115lbs to carry this off…(mind you, it might carry you off, if a gust of wind catches that hood!)

There must be some serious styling going on in that magazine picture…I suspect the model is wearing a 36, with the belt pulled as tightly as possible, and it’s double wrapped around her body!

Ah, well, I got some good practice with thread tracing, flat-felled seams, edge-stitching, top stitching and deciphering BurdaStyle instructions.

Note to Self: Stick with more stream-lined spring coats…they’ve always suited you best…