BurdaAddicts Access

I mentioned the BurdaAddicts site in my last post and included a link, but seems a number of people had trouble accessing and navigating the site.

Sorry to get you all excited and then send you to a dud link!!

It seems they’ve had trouble with their Canalblog site and are moving to WordPress.

This only happened recently.  They’ve kept the same idea of grouping posts by issue as well as by garment type.

Each  BurdaStyle Magazine issue has a specific link.  On the WordPress site, the links are on the right side of the site, in green text, listed in date format: eg:

01-Janvier 12  (1)
03 -Mars 12 (4)

You need to scroll down the site to access the most recent magazine links.
The numbers in parentheses refer to the number of posts of items made from the issue.

Hopefully this link will take you to the WordPress blog’s five posts (so far) of items made from Sept 2012 BurdaStyle.

This ain’t no Pattern Review, where you type in a pattern number and instantly access reviews of that pattern. But scrolling through posts of items made from a particular issue means you may see something made up in a way that never occured to you. That’s how I came across the Cool Cowl Dress pattern. It certainly didn’t grab me when I looked through the magazine.

I can still access the Canalblog site , which has a much larger archive. They note that they are no longer accepting posts at the Canalblog site, but the wonderful archive is still accessible.  The issue links are on the left side of the site, in black text. This link hopefully takes you to posts of items from Aug 2011 BurdaStyle.

Hope this helps!

If any other BurdaAddicts fans know of any other tips to access/navigate the site, please advise!

PS – I don’t have any affiliation with BurdaAddicts – I just find it site the best site for viewing items made from BurdaStyle magazine 🙂