All Signed Up and Ready to Sew! Australian Sewing Guild Convention 2014

Pic of ASG website

Very excited!

I’ve been eyeing the Australian Sewing Guild Convention for several years now, but the timing clashed with work/family commitments. This year, however, I’ve cleared the calendar and I’m set to go!

It helps (me) that it’s in Sydney this year, from 28 Sept to 4 October, 2014. You can attend for the whole week or just for a day (or two). The venue is “Shore”, a private boys school in North Sydney (during the their school holidays).

The Conference Coordinators have created an excellent Conference Brochure – with details about what goes on at Convention, what to take and it’s LOADED with fantastic workshops. There’s something for everyone, from new sewists to couture aficiandos! From sewing a classic shirt, perfecting fit on blouses or pants, getting nice finishes on knit fabrics, making a luscious leather handbag, sewing heirloom clothing on a machine, extreme embellishing with a sewing machine, to textile arts and refashioning those creations or store-bought clothes that never fit quite right!

Made my head spin trying to choose which workshops to take, but in the end, I’ve signed up for Elaine Lye’s “Classic Shirt Workshop“. This is the Year of the Shirt for me…I have lots of design ideas but my construction skills need work. This class teaches professional tricks for collars and stands (which elude me!) cuffs and plackets (also elude me!), pockets and hems.

I want to make this blouse (Vogue 1366) with a neutral linen bodice, black linen collar and spotted chiffon sleeves!!! Love the design lines!
V1366  V1366 - Line drawing

This is also the year I tackle making pants, so I’ve signed up for Louise Sparrow’s “Pants That Fit – Create Your Pattern” workshop. Looking forward to creating a pants block that will save me time and hassle when modifying pants patterns! The pants in that Vogue pattern look rather nice…

Conference registration opened today. You need to get in fast to get a place in the workshops that most appeal.

You also need to be a Guild member to attend the Convention. It costs $55 per year (GST inc) and it’s easy to join.

I’ve been a Guild member for nearly 3 years and in the last year, I’ve been working as a volunteer to raise awareness of the fun, inspiration and significant learning that occurs when sitting around a Guild sewing table with people who ‘get’ the fascination with sewing clothes!  You don’t need to be an expert sewist…though there are fair few of them! The Guild also includes members of all ages…some people think it’s only for those of us who are more ‘mature’ …not so! ASG Groups are like the Sewing Blogger world – all ages, sizes and levels of experience! My Group, the Alexandria Achievers is a hoot! We usually bring our machines and work on whatever we feel like sewing. If I’m feeling a bit blecch after a few wadder episodes (eg: Lettuce Shoulder creations), a visit with my Group fires me up and gets my sewing mojo bobbin along! Click here to find a Group near you. You can attend two meetings with a Group before becoming a member, to see if it’s your cup of tea!

Right…my Convention Registration’s sorted.

See you there?