Yellow’s Not Mellow (on me)

I have an unrequited love of yellow.

And I keep trying to make it love me….

(sounds like the start of an angsty sequel to “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, eh?)

Similar to ArtAttack’s quest for a set of great TNT tee tops, I am on a quest for a set of TNT woven summer tops. Kbenco’s gorgeous version of this blouse for her daughter’s work experience week had me flicking through my BurdaStyle stash to hunt the pattern down (it’s Blouse 118A  from the Oct 2010 issue) (you can also download it)


So…I found this lovely yellow cotton voile at Spotlight, traced the pattern and began my quest!

I put a few read-but-never-tried techniques into practice too…my first ever FBA (full bust adjustment), properly set in sleeves and I finally nailed fine rolled hems! All worked!

The most useful FBA resource was an online course I took a year ago via Pattern Review – run by Sarah Veblen. Her notes and technical details for a wide variety of FBA (and SBA) techniques are great! I applied a standard FBA to a size 40 blouse and finally got the fit right on shoulders, back and chest!! I know this by virtue of the toile I made before this yellow blouse…it’s perfect. However, I got a bit too excited to finish this yellow one and mistakenly sewed the sleeves in with french seams on the seam line …which made the shoulders a tad too tight….aaaagh…

So, you are not getting a picture of me in it…not only does the colour completely wash me out, the pull lines on the shoulders/neck are depressing. It’s probably going to go live with a lovely dark brunette friend of mine!


If you have the Threads Archive DVD (and I strongly suggest you get it, if you don’t), there’s an excellent article titled “Basics – Setting in a Perfect Sleeve”- on page 20 of the July 2003 issue (#107). It shows how to ease with pins, baste on the seam line, then sew the seam, with body of the blouse against the feed-dogs…no puckers or anything!!! A-mazing!

And for fine rolled hem techniques with Janome machines, I followed the excellent video that came with my FootBook App. You can see my handiwork on the scarf hem and sleeve hem. I think this my new ‘favourite’ foot.

So, while this version didn’t work for me, I think it’s a great little number…one quest success down!!

I have also stuck this on my inspiration board:

or any specific color really.

(for more crack-up sewing memes, check out Fyeah Seamstress Tiger….just hilarious!!!!!!)