Archers & Wenona’s : Getting Shirty

Been getting shirty…in a good way!

Archer Red Spot


 Archer Flower Power


Wenona White


Wenona Red


 Both of these patterns are now TNT’s for me.

The Archer (by Grainline Studio in case you are totally new to the sewing blogosphere) is a looser fit, with slightly oversize shoulders, which suits me fine cos I have narrow shoulders and a bust…the wider shoulder on this shirt balances this out, I think.  I played around with collar size on the Red Dots version. If you look closely, the collar and stand are bigger; I sewed them with a 1/4 seam allowance. I thought the larger collar would work with the large red dots. Unfortunately, the Red Spot rayon hasn’t worn well…so this one won’t be in circulation much longer.

The Wenona by Named Patterns is a closer fit but still comfy. I love the centre sleeve piece, running from neck to cuff.  I like a softer fabric for the pleated front panel. I plan to try it with some slinkier fabrics. The collars on both seem to curl up at the tips? I’ll investigate using some firmer interfacing.  I used the sew-in interfacing I usually use (Shapewell) – haven’t had this happen til now.

Winona - White 2

 I love the little point at the back of the collar.  A fun detail!



I have a Papercut Patterns ‘Meissa’ blouse in progress …and I’m prepping Sewaholic’s new Granville Shirt.
Will be getting shirty for some time yet!


  1. Ive been waiting to see these! Especially since my Alder binge which has got me more interested in shirtmaking – in fact I purchased a book about it today.
    I especially love white shirt – great details. Do you use a sew-in interfacing in the button plackets as well?

    • Lizzy, I was worried you might faint at the sight of this….you have been very patient!

      I love the white one too.

      Yes, I used the same sew-in interfacing in the button plackets. I think sew-in interfacing gives better results than iron on, in most cases. I use a glue stick to hold it in place before sewing.

      Which shirtmaking book did you get? I can highly recommend David Coffin’s book and the accompanying DVD.

  2. It is so great to see you in these all fabulous shirts! All are so diversified. I have make few shirts before … maybe it is a time to make another one. You inspired me πŸ™‚
    I use sew in interfacing (mostly silk organza) as well. I do not like the sticky ones..,

  3. Anne, I always love your shirts! Love the red dotty thing. The Wenona is new to me so thanks for the tip on that one. I’m in the process of combining the front of the Sewaholic Oakridge with the rest of the Granville so we’ll see…hopefully it will be a cute frankening.
    Take care,

    • Hi Dorcas! I’ve said this before, but it was your Archers that got me fired up! Cool idea to blend the Granville and Oakridge…ha, they’ve been out a week and already the frankenpatterning has commenced! Love it!

    • I was worried at first, Navybluethreads, but following along with the Grainline Archer Sew-along made it very easy. Highly recommend it. Sewaholic also just announced a series of in depth shirt making blog posts. Just take your time…And deep breaths when something needs to be unpicked and tried again 😊

  4. WOW amazing and so you! Love the shirts and will have to talk in to you in more detail on these as I have the linen, in fact a bit too much the Fabric Store should never have a sale. Will have a look at the patterns you mention as they sound like a great choices just right for a cruise in fact! Congratulations on wonderful work

    • Hi Jean Margaret! Defintely try the Wenona..a nice addition to your lovely Archers. What a hoot it was to run into you over the Christmas break. The others in line must have wondered what was going on..”um, hello, are you Jean Margaret, the sewing blogger? I’m Cherrypix!” Perhaps we can catch up next time I’m down? (No idea when that might be at the moment…)

      • Hi Anne! Yes it was a big surprise to run into you. In fact, you are the first sewing blogger I have ever met in real life. It was the last thing I was expecting to happen as I was frantically trying to finish my pre Christmas shopping/errands. Hope you enjoyed your holiday in our lovely little part of the world. And yes, I would love to catch up next time you are visiting.

  5. I think all 4 shirts are just perfect but the Archer Flower Power is my favourite. I like the Named pattern Wenona shirt too and you are the first to blog about it, that I have read anyway. I bought it a while ago and I had basically forgotten about it, so I will have to pull it out and try it. I love the Archer but the Granville looks like it might have the edge in the winning stakes. So I will wait with anticipation for yours to appear on IG and your blog. I have trusted you so far on the Renfrew and the Archer and I am going to trust what you write on the Granville before I buy. Happy sewing Anne.

    • LOL, Marj! Happy to be your ‘tester’! My first Granville is progressing nicely…the back shaping and front darts are a nice change from the boxier lines of the Archer and Wenona….you’ll see it first on IG (probably months before you see it here, at the rate I blog… ahem)

    • The best way to get shirty!…(and I didn’t get shirty while making them …except for realising I had put sleeve placket in the wrong place on the White Wenona…and the fabric is too fragile to unpick….no biggie…just rolledl the sleeves up)

  6. Great shirts, they suit you perfectly. I usually use iron on interfacing because I’m a tad bit lazy sometimes but lately it seems to be bubbling – I must have had a bad batch – so I think I’ll have to join you on team sew in interfacing!

    • Thanks Kristy. I am definitely in the ‘sew in’ interfacing camp! I haven’t had any major disasters with iron on, but sew-in just feels more durable. And it’s not any harder to use – I use a glue stick to hold it in place ..or hand baste….takes as long as it does to fuse iron-on properly!

  7. So many shirts, so many different looks! All four are quite wonderful, but what a shame about the rayon fabric not holding up. I, too, like sew-in interfacing – I just never quite trust fusible interfacing for something I hope will last a long, long time.

    • Thank you Fifty Dresses. I need to read up about Rayon…have recently noticed a few comments in the blogosphere about poorer quality stuff fraying/pilling. I want to know what to look for / avoid next time, cos I love the soft feel and drape of it!

    • Hi Sharon, yes, I am…and will be for while yet! The White Wenona was just supposed to be a test version…but it’s turned out to be the ‘most worn’ of these four! (no surprise really, it’s a great basic). Did you note the (mostly) coordinated colour theme πŸ˜‰ So nice to have things that ‘go’ with each other…I’ve whipped up a number of TNT skirst which work well with these…will blog about them soon)

  8. I’d been missing your posts. Clearly you’ve been off with elves at the shirtmaking factory! I love all of them and the red and white is absolutely cherrypix.

    • Hi Gail…yes, this elf has been busy…well, more like addicted to shirt making…just going with the creative ‘flow’ …which is more directed at sewing than blogging…but you know that ☺️

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