Lettuce Reconsider


I’ve reconsidered the Lettuce Shoulder Blouse (BurdaStyle 2010-07-121)

Now I think it looks a bit rad(ichhio).
I can rocket…
Who’s to argue with arugula?

I cut the ruffles on the bias again, which makes them a bit lighter and ruffly (and it’s a darn sight easier than sewing fiddly narrow hems on those strips, as they suggest in the instructions). The ruffles shrank a tad when I washed my brown version of this top, so I cut the strips a little wider for this version.


It’s a very easy blouse to make – it has cut-on sleeves, so no fussing with sleeve insertion.

I modified the pattern to remove the seam across the bust (just joined the pieces).
Also pleated, rather than gathered, the sleeves before binding them.
Used French seams throughout and bound the neckline with self-fabric bias strips, rather than attaching the collar stand.

Here’s the line drawing:


And here’s how BurdaStyle styled it. Now that I look at this, I quite like the wider arm bands….(but don’t think I’ll be rock(et)ing the shorts, socks and sandals look any time soon!)

BM1007 SN Romantik 002-197



  1. I love your new version of this blouse and your tip to cut the ruffles on the bias rather than narrow hem each strip is an excellent idea.

  2. I liked this the first time you made it and it looks fab here too. There’s nothing wrong with taking your greens. Absolutely not lol. I do wonder what the top looks like without the ruffles….I might have to google it.

  3. Very nice work and I love that fabric. Great pattern, I must say I like your version much better – very fresh. Nice puns too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. YAY!!!! I loved this blouse the first time you posted about it, and I’m still in love. Great idea cutting the ruffles on the bias – no hemming required and it will definitely be a more “organic” sort of ruffle effect.

  5. Very cool, I made this in a Liberty lawn for daughter no2 ages ago, without the ruffles though because I didn’t have enough fabric! A tip, if you cut the strips on the bias, you shouldn’t need to hem the edges, they won’t fray, might just get a little soft/fluffy.

  6. I am pleased you listened to your loyal fans and didn’t give up on this blouse. You wear it well. And doesn’t the camera love you – ok, ok, I know it takes a thousand takes before you get a really good one . . . .

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  8. Anne, where’s your sense of adventure? I can picture in you in shorts (satin perhaps?) and bobby sox.

  9. You are milking the green theme aren’t you! I’ve been intrigued by this pattern since it first came out. Love your version

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